W2, Blank 6-part Perforated Set

W2, Blank 6-part Perforated Set

SKU: #12655

Price Range: $32.00 to $216.00
These IRS-approved forms are guaranteed to work with our Windows-based financial software.

  • Order quantity is based on number of employees.
  • Package contains Federal and State copies (2 employees per page) and blank forms for employee records (1 employee per page).
  • Blank perforated paper for printing W-2 forms. This condensed form allows all employee/recipient copies to print on a single page. Simply print, fold and mail.
  • Saves Money-Four forms on a sheet vs two forms on a sheet-half the paper
  • Saves Time-Fold and insert into envelope-no separating and collating
  • Three FREE W-3 transmittal forms are included with your order
  • Compatible W-2 envelope available in regular seal or self-sticking seal
Only works with ACS 10.6 or higher and for PDS 6.2A or higher. Please order carefully, tax forms are non-returnable.


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