TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus


Accurately track and record your employees’ time. Collect and report data in real time with TimeClock Plus software. Simply log in and out times on your computer and import into ACS Payroll*. No more endless punch cards to tally and data to manually re-enter.
Not currently offered for Realm.

TimeClock Plus gives you:

  • An accurate track record of your employees’ time at work
  • Attendance information to help you control work habits of your employees
  • Electronic instead of manual time keeping
  • Control over your workforce
  • Control over the level of labor costs
  • The ability to track, view and report employee information
  • “On the fly” decision-making ability where labor costs are involved

  • To order please contact TimeClock Plus Sales at 1-800-749-8463

Time ClockPlus

Track your employees' hours...


Fully compatible with ACS